Welcome former students, administration, coaches, teachers and friends of Ackerman High School!

Mark you calendars for Saturday, April 28, 2018, 2:00 p.m., and join us for the next Ackerman School Reunion. We will meet at the Ty Cobb complex on the Choctaw County High School Campus (formerly AHS campus). Registration opens at 12 noon.

Last year the Marion & Joan Smith / Ackerman Reunion Scholarship Fund provided four $500 scholarships to graduating seniors from planning to further his or her education in an academic or vocational field. With your support, we plan to award four additional scholarships for this year. Please consider supporting the Scholarship Fund with a small donation to Ackerman School Reunion in memory or honor of a classmate, teacher, coach or administrator. We will send an acknowledgement of your gift if requested. Our treasurer, Buddy Smith (69) buddy@buddysmith.com will gladly assist you with your memorials/honorariums. He can be reached at 126 RD 1063, Plantersville, MS 38862.

We are hosting a silent auction at this year’s reunion from 12 p.m. (Noon) until 2:00 p.m. to raise funds for our 2018 scholarships. We request that you submit items of real value as opposed to something you might offer at a yard sale. Please arrive early enough this year in order to register for the reunion and browse the items offered for bidding in the silent auction. Winners of the silent auction will be announced during the reunion event and all proceeds will go directly to the Ackerman Reunion Scholarship Fund. Remember, our registration and silent auction opens at 12 p.m. and closes at 2 p.m.

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2009 Reunion

On Saturday, April 25, 2009, 166 former students, faculty, and friends of Ackerman School gathered at the Ty Cobb Complex for a time of renewing friendships and reconnecting with the current needs and goals of the School.

Alumni returned to the AHS campus from 8 states; Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, Alabama, Oklahoma, California and Kentucky.  

The class with the highest attendance this year was the class of 1959 with 17 members present. The class of 1953 came in second place with 14 members present.

The eldest man present was class of 1945 graduate and former Agriculture Professor, Everett Adams. The eldest lady in attendance was Mrs. Louise Staples of the class of 1931 with a close second going to Mrs. Ella Bright Staples of the class of 1932. Traveling the longest distance to this year's reunion event was Jo Crowder Patrick from Orinda, California, of the class of 1959.

Former students, faculty and friends were welcomed by AHS 1958 graduate and Ackerman Reunion president Dick Burney. The invocation was offered by Buddy Smith from the class of 1969.

The Ackerman School Reunion group enjoyed a beautiful instrumental rendition of the Star Spangled Banner by Cody Fondren and Tyler Hunt who are members of the AHS Band. The reunion group was led in the Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag by President Dick Burney. 

Ackerman High School Principal Terry Bellew welcomed former students and faculty to campus and thanked them for their continued interest and involvement in the school. Mr. Bellew expressed his special appreciation to the reunion group for establishing the Ackerman Reunion Scholarship Fund.

Choctaw County Superintendent of Education Donna Shea welcomed the crowd and gave an abbreviated education update. She expressed her appreciation for the ongoing interest and support from former students and faculty of AHS.
Ackerman Mayor, the Honorable Dick Cain, welcomed the attendees to Ackerman and gave a brief report on his progress since taking office. Mayor Cain expressed the importance of a good education and his support for the Ackerman Reunion Scholarship Fund.

Buddy and Carol Smith reported on the successful establishment of the Ackerman Reunion Scholarship Fund in 2008 when four graduates were awarded a $500 educational scholarship to the academic or vocational school of their choosing. The scholarship recipients for 2008 were; James Bishop, Michael Bishop, Matt Harris and Craig Shell. These students were selected by AHS faculty based upon criteria established by the Ackerman School Reunion Group.

The 2009 Ackerman Reunion Scholarship recipients are; Shelia Carney, Morrison Cistrunk, Jonathan Dobbs and Jermaine Miller. Ackerman Reunion President Dick Cain and Reunion Founder Marion Smith presented these graduates with their scholarship letters at the annual school awards program on May 11, 2009. Click here for photos.

The reunion group acknowledged the outstanding work of Ackerman Reunion co-founder Marion Smith for collecting over $1700 for the 2009 scholarships from donations in exchange for his hand-made wood products from his shop, Poppas Country.

It was decided last year that a silent auction would be held at this years reunion to raise funds for the scholarship fund. Funds in excess of $1800.00 were raised this year at the silent auction as a result of the generous donations from those who contributed items and those who made winning bids.

The silent auction featured wood crafts, paintings, books, pottery, CD’s and more, with all proceeds going to support the annual Reunion Scholarship Fund. Among those donating for the silent auction were Nan Sullivan, Hazel Crenshaw Garrett, Ruth Nowlin, Smoky Oswalt, Hank Taylor, Sara Pickett, Vivian Coleman, Marion Smith, Jimmy Crowder, Glendal Reid, Margie Fiebig, Danny Brunt, Susan Moore Clark, Kenneth Smith, Bobby Cooper, Jan Ganann, Kathryn Herrington Davis, and Charles Fulton (brother of the late Tommy Fulton).

Among the silent auction items was a musical CD of Tommy Fulton (1967) who is remembered for his amazing musical talent. He went on to be a well respected conductor with the Metropolitan Opera and conducted operas and orchestras around the world before his death in 1994. His brother, Charles, has donated a CD of Tommy’s college freshman and sophomore piano recitals for the silent auction. Charles recently discovered two reel to reel tapes from Tommy’s estate and had them digitally transferred to CD. Hazel Garrett has donated three books: The Cemeteries of Choctaw County; The Families of Choctaw County; and the Chronicles of Choctaw County by Judge Coleman.

Reunion President Dick Burney . Dick also wishes to invite all students and faculty to mark their calendars for Saturday, April 24, 2010 which will be the date for the next Ackerman School Reunion.

The Ackerman School Reunion group would like to acknowledge the outstanding backing of The Choctaw Plaindealer and The Choctaw Chronicle in support of our annual reunion event.

Reunion president Dick Burney asked the attendees to call the names of those who had died during the past year.
One meaningful way to honor or remember your Ackerman School classmate, teacher, administrator or coach is through a donation to the Ackerman School Reunion Fund in memory or honor of that person. We will gladly send an acknowledgement of your gift (if desired) when we are provided with contact information. In addition, we will post this information on the Ackerman Reunion Website if desired. Our treasurer, Buddy Smith (69), will gladly assist you with memorials/honorariums and can be contacted at 126 Drive 1063, Plantersville, MS 38862.

Officers of the coming year were confirmed by the Reunion Group: Dick Burney – President; Hartford "Sonny" Ellis – Vice President; and Buddy Smith – Secretary/Treasurer. 

The Reunion Group elected three members to serve on the Executive Steering Committee: Barbara Nelson – 2010 and Mancel Fulce - 2011 and Jack Bowie – 2009.

Teachers and Coaches in attendance:
  • Betty Sue Adams
  • Joyce Vaughn
  •   Everett Adams
  •   Martha C. Kilpatrick Stark
  • Johnny M. Fulce
  • Ty Cobb
  • Clara Williams
  • June MCneel
  • Martha Sue Ward
  • Marjorie Sue O'Bryant  

Roll call of class and number present:

1931 - Louise Staples 
1932 - Ella Bright Staples
1936 - Cecil Commander
1939 - Lera Black Jones
1943 - Jean Sunn Williams
1944 - Bill Lee
1945 - Everett Adams
1945 - Betty Sue Adams
1945 - Ann (Kilpatrick Melton) Hand 
1946 - Alvin P. Black
1946 - Sarah McGee Long
1946 - Wray Black
1947 - Louise Draper
1947 - Joan Smith 
1947 - Norma Blanton Shaw
1948 - Roy Bruce 
1948 - Drexel Bright McClure 
1948 - James Russell McClure 
1948 - Bobby Cooper
1948 - Marion Smith
1948 - Byron Stephenson
1948 - June Snow
1948 - Marjorie Sue O'Bryant
1949 - Felt Montgomery
1949 - William Barron 
1949 - Billy Black Power
1949 - Frances Gilliam
1949 - Mary Lou Cooper
1949 - Hazel Hunt
1949 - Charlie Hunt, Jr.
1950 - Roy Blanton
1950 - Charles D. Oswalt, Sr.
1951 - Ralph Bowie
1951 - Billy Orr
1951 - Stanley Phillips
1952 - James A. McCulloch
1952 - Johnny Faye Long Spears
1952 - Lillie Blanton Timothy
1952 - Elizabeth "Libby" Hamric Owen
1953 - Jack Bowie
1953 - Billy J. Garner
1953 - Marjorie Fiebieg
1953 - Sammie B. Oswalt
1953 - Annie Sue McAdams
1953 - Glendal Reid
1953 - Carroll Harpole
1953 - Fredna Kilpatrick Dent
1953 - Thomas A. Black
1953 - Billy McDowell
1953 - Bobby H. Prewitt
1953 - Randall Sullivan
1953 - Carroll Harpole
1954 - Bobby Black
1954 - Kenneth Smith
1954 - Nannie Ballard Sullivan
1954 - Carroll Stacy
1954 - Ruth (Staten) Nowlin
1954 - Charlotte (Oswalt) Moncrief
1954 - Bobby McClure
1954 - Freida McIntire
1954 - Sammie J. Weir
1954 - C.W. (Bo Jack) Jackson
1955 - Jeanette Reid Jones
1955 - Jim Finger
1955 - Don Porter
1955 - Blanche Mearle Phillips Gammill
1955 - Edwin Blake
1955 - Al Montgomery
1955 - James D. Stacy
1955 - Gerry "Reggie" McClure
1956 - Pat Wood Bowie
1956 - Eddie Lou Staples Finger
1956 - Martha Oswalt
1956 - Martha Kilpatrick Stark
1956 - Jo Ann Dean Garrett
1957 - Johnny Mancel Fulce
1957 - Ina Montgomery Graff
1957 - Sylvia Moreland
1957 - Ruth Love Black
1957 - Joyce "Goode" Hyatt
1957 - Kenneth Jackson
1957 - Kenneth C. Hunt
1957 - Dan Wise
1957 - Shirley Weeks Taylor
1957 - Betty Robinson Carruth
1957 - Laymon Alexander
1957 - Linda Weatherly
1958 - Hartford "Sonny" Ellis
1958 - Dick Burney
1958 - Martha Jo Cutts Phillips
1958 - Ruby Collier Butler
1958 - Tom Staples
1958 - Jack Bowman
1958 - Jo Quinn Worrell Smith
1959 - Charlotte Gaston Reid
1959 - Brenda Wise
1959 - Johnnie McClure
1959 - Charlsie McAdams Bowie
1959 - Willie Hightower
1959 - Lanelle Bagwell Jones
1959 - Jo Crowder Patrick
1959 - Nell Wood White
1959 - Linda Gregory Carpenter
1959 - Patience M. Rall
1959 - Agnes Liddell Arnold
1959 - Joy Williams Fancher
1959 - Edmund J. Walker
1959 - Mary Robinson Stacy
1959 - Patsy Orr Mayo
1960 - Walker (Brother) Wood
1960 - Betty Kilpatrick Davis
1960 - Gene McClure
1960 - Linda McClure
1960 - Frances McHan
1960 - Waverly King
1960 - Billie Henson
1960 - Tom Glasgow
1960 - Mary Nell Sallis Baltar
1960 - Dee Hathorn
1960 - Ann Edwards Bush
1960 - Pat Burney Cribbs
1961 - Rhodena (Moss) Lang
1961 - Ben F. Tharp
1961 - Linda (McClure) Tharp
1961 - Etoyle Bowman
1961 - Ann McCool
1962 - Ty Cobb
1962 - Bruce Erwin
1963 - Mary Reed
1963 - Linda Crowe
1964 - Rose Mary Porter
1965 - Jane M. Crowder
1966 - Kay Taylor (Staples)
1967 - Joyce Erwin Vaughn
1967 - James M. Oswalt, Jr.
1967 - Mike Melton
1967 - Johnny Black
1968 - Judy Oswalt
1969 - Buddy Smith
1969 - Peggy Goza
1969 - Barbara Black Nelson
1971 - Carol Erwin Smith
1971 - Nicky Keeton
1973 - Kathryn H. Davis
1973 - John Draper
1979 - Dale D. Reid
1990 - Lynn Wise

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