Welcome former students, administration, coaches, teachers and friends of Ackerman High School!

Mark you calendars for Saturday, April 25, 2020, 2:00 p.m., and join us for the next Ackerman School Reunion. We will meet at the Ty Cobb complex on the Choctaw County High School Campus (formerly AHS campus). Registration opens at 12 noon.

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2012 Reunion

On Saturday, April 28, 2012, 130 former students, faculty, and friends of Ackerman School braved the extremely threatening weather situation by gathering at the Ty Cobb Complex for a time of renewing friendships and reconnecting with the current needs and goals of the School.

Alumni returned to the AHS campus from 8states; Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama, Texas, Georgia, Florida, and Virginia.

Former students, administration, faculty and friends were welcomed by AHS Reunion President Hazel Crenshaw Garrett (class of 1962).  The posting of colors was done by the AHS Junior ROTC followed by the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. The invocation was led by Dale Dobbs (class of 1964).

Ackerman High School Principal Cory Blaylock welcomed everyone to campus and thanked them for their continued interest in and involvement with the school. Mr. Blaylock reported on the recent activities of Ackerman schools.

The class with the highest attendance this year was the class of 1962 with 18 members present. The classes of 1953 took second place with 9 members present.

The eldest man present was Mr. Everett  Adams of the class of 1945. The eldest lady in attendance was Mrs. Ella Staples of the class of 1932.

The Ackerman Reunion Scholarship Fund was established in 2008 when four graduates were awarded a $500 educational scholarship to the academic or vocational school of their choosing. The 2012 Ackerman Reunion Scholarship recipients are: Brittany Adams, Sarah Bowles, Matthew Davis and K.J. Woods. These students will be present their scholarship letters during the AHS Awards Day ceremonies on Monday, May 15, 2012.

The scholarship recipients are nominated each year by their based upon their outstanding moral character and coupled with the following traits: trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent.

A silent auction was held during registration to raise funds for the Ackerman Reunion Scholarship Fund.  Funds totaling almost $2,000.00 were raised this year at the silent auction and as a result of the generous donations from those who contributed at registration.

The silent auction featured wood crafts, furniture, frame, computer and more, with all proceeds going to support the annual Reunion Scholarship Fund. Among those donating for the silent auction were – Perry & Linda King, Dr. Mike Ballard, Marion Smith, Sonny Ellis, Jimmy Crowder, and Glynda Fulce.

The Ackerman School Reunion group acknowledged the outstanding support of The Choctaw Plaindealer in support of our annual reunion event. “Plaindealer Editor Joseph McCain is always very helpful in promotion of our annual event,” said Ackerman Reunion Secretary Buddy Smith.

Reunion president Hazel Garrett asked the attendees to call the names of those who had died during the past year. Among the names called were – Hunter Vaughn, Red Busby, Joan Bowie and Thomas Black.

One meaningful way to honor or remember your Ackerman School classmate, teacher, administrator or coach is through a donation to the Ackerman School Reunion Fund in memory or honor of that person. We will gladly send an acknowledgement of your gift (if desired) when we are provided with contact information. In addition, we will post this information on the Ackerman Reunion Website if desired. Our treasurer, Buddy Smith (69), will gladly assist you with memorials/honorariums and can be contacted at 126 Drive 1063, Plantersville, MS 38862.

Officers of the coming year were confirmed by the Reunion Group: Dick Burney (58) – President; Dale Dobbs (64) – Vice President; and Buddy Smith (69) – Secretary/Treasurer.

The Ackerman School Reunion Group elected three members to serve on the Executive Steering Committee: 2012, Sedgie Taylor – 2013, Joyce Vaughn – 2013, Ruth Nowlin – 2014, and Jerry Sanders - 2015.

Save The Date – Please mark your calendars for the 2013 Ackerman School Reunion – Saturday, April 27.

Teachers and Coaches in attendance:

  • Betty Sue Adams
  • Everett Adams
  • Martha Kilpatrick Stark
  • Madeline Wood

Roll call of class and number present:

  • 1932 - Ella Staples
  • 1945 - Everett Adams, Betty Sue Adams
  • 1946 – Sarah Long
  • 1947 - Louise Draper, Alvin Coleman
  • 1948 – Bobby Cooper, June Snow Jackson
  • 1949 - Felt Montgomery, James Keen, Mary Lou Cooper
  • 1950 - Roy Blanton
  • 1951 - Billy Orr, Stanley Phillips, Ralph Bowie
  • 1952 – Johnny Faye Spears (Long), Doyle L. Spears, Elizabeth “Libby” Hamrick Owen, Lillie Blanton Timothy, John A. ?
  • 1953 - Jack Bowie, Billy J. Garner, Fredna Dent, Glendal Reid, Billy McDowell, Bobby H. Prewitt
  • 1954 - Kenneth Smith, Bobby Black, Bobby McClure
  • 1955 – Edwin Blake, Blanche Mearle Gammill
  • 1956 - Pat Wood Bowie, Martha Oswalt, Ann C. Godfrey, Martha C. Stark, Eddie Lou Finger, George B. Hunt
  • 1957 - Ruth Love Black, Kenneth Jackson, Johnny M. Fulce, Roselyn Glasgow Bryant, Daniel Wise
  • 1958 - Dick Burney, Sonny Ellis, Thomas Pritchard, Thomas J. Bowman, Marjorie Hunt, Tom Staples
  • 1959 - Charlotte Gaston Reid, Johnnie Ray McClure, Brenda McClure Wise
  • 1960 - Walker (Brother) Wood, Gene McClure, Ann Edwards Bush, Waverly King, Betty Kilpatrick Davis, Tom Glasgow, Bennett Moore
  • 1961 - Rhodena (Moss) Lang, Linda McClure Tharp, Ben F. Tharp, Etoyle (Brooks) Bowman, Leonard Blanton
  • 1962 - Bruce Erwin, Peggy Henderson, James Wells, Barbara Taylor, Robert Prewitt, Andra Walton, LaFrance M. Graham, Nita McClure Connell, Betty Jo Crenshaw Leahy, Sue E. Wright, Johnny Robinson, Glynda Chaney Fulce, Carolyn Bright Norman, Gary Oswalt, Winky McAdams, Gay Stacy Gaither, Carolyn Dean Vowell, Jerry Orr
  • 1963 – Gary keen, Linda Crowe, Jerry Sanders, Mary Jane Reed
  • 1964 – Dale Dobbs, Mike Ballard, Hazell Garrett
  • 1965 – Sue Gilliam Keen, Becky Love Curtis Orr
  • 1966 – Kay Staples Taylor
  • 1967 - James M. Oswalt, Jr.
  • 1969 - Buddy Smith, Derry Brunt
  • 1971 - Carol Erwin Smith, Sedgie Taylor, Wilson Gammill, Hugh B. Weaver, Fannie Redwine, Betty Harwell, Nicki Keeton
  • 1972 – Cindy Rhodes Eubanks, Bonnie Bowie Brunt
  • 1978 – Gwyn Wise Nick
  • 1980 - Lynn Wise
  • 1981 – Tim Harris

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