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2002 Reunion

The reunion of Ackerman High School former students and graduates met at 1:00 p.m., on Saturday April 27, 2002, with 208 members present. The oldest male attending was Banks Weaver, an young 93, to be 94 on August 6, this year. The oldest female was Louise Staples from Greenville, who is just a spring chicken at 88-years-old.

The alumni project for this year was a new trophy case for Ackerman High School to be delivered in June.

Mancel Fulce gave a report on the State Championship the Ackerman Indian football team accomplished this year. He also reported on the outstanding baseball team that is in the play-offs and doing very well.

The group elected officers for 2002-03. They are: president, Jay Covington of California, vice-president, Kenneth Smith of Flowood and secretary, Buddy Smith of Plantersville.

The meeting adjourned at 3:00 p.m., allowing everyone to attend parties throughout the county. "I'm looking forward to the reunion next year," Bobby Black said.

The Reverend Curtis Guess opened the meeting with prayer and President Bobby Black made his opening comments. He expressed appreciation to the following groups for the refreshments: Choctaw County Historical and Genealogical Society, Red Hills Power Plant and Community Partners (a local civic group).

President Black recognized persons traveling the longest distance: Jay Covington - California; Thomas Bruce - California.

Recognition was given to the oldest man present - Banks Weaver - and the oldest woman present - Louise Staples.

The following classmates were named as having deceased during the past year; Kate Dempsy, Donald Love, Helen Burdine, Pat Bagwell, Junior Cagle, Hamp Gaston, N.H. Gatlin, Willie Gatlin and Joyce McMinn Owens.

Class with the highest attendance - 1952 with 22 members present.

Recognition of teachers present:

Margie Sue O'Bryant
Willie E. Gregory
Bill Griffin
Marion Kelly
Prentiss Irving
Clara Williams
Elizabeth Graves
Martha Stark
Everett Adams
Betty Sue Adams
June McNeal

Recognition of classes having reunions this year:

Classes of 40-44: Lake Tiak-O-Khata
Class of 51: Stanly Phillips Home
Class of 52: Dr. McLeods Home
Class of 53: Glendal Reid Cabin
Class of 54: Lake House at Choctaw Lake
Class of 57: Choctaw Lake Picnic Shelter

Class pictures were taken by Mrs. Leslie Burton.

A financial report was given by Secretary/Treasurer Sylvia Porter.

An election of officers was held for 2002-03:

President - Jay Covington
Vice President - Kenneth Smith
Secretary/Treasurer - Buddy Smith

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