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Mark you calendars for Saturday, April 25, 2020, 2:00 p.m., and join us for the next Ackerman School Reunion. We will meet at the Ty Cobb complex on the Choctaw County High School Campus (formerly AHS campus). Registration opens at 12 noon.

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2001 Reunion

Ackerman School Reunion was held Saturday, April 28, 2001, in the Ty Cobb Complex with registration from 1p.m. until 2:00 p.m.

President Marion Kelley called the meeting to order at 2 p.m. and called upon Rev. Curtis Guess to give the invocation.

Marion commended the group on the nice turn out and efforts all made to be in attendance. He then remarked on what a nice place we now have for this meeting and other school functions.

He then called upon Ackerman High School Superintendent Ronnie Ware for comments. Ronnie welcomed the group to the campus, thanked us for our continued support to the school. He invited all the the May graduation which will be held here in the auditorium that seats 831. He invited the group to tour the gym and other areas of the building which he had opened.

Marion then introduced Choctaw County Superintendent of Education Barry Stidham. Barry gave positive statements on Ackerman school: cleanness of school; Ackerman was last in disciplinary referrals to his office; Ackerman band rated #1 in State AA; and the football team was in the championship playoff. He reported that  the county schools economic status is on the up due in part to the county's part in the energy producing business. He reported a great curriculum in all schools.  Mississippi rates high in this technological age with 4.8 students per computer. The national average is 5.8 computers per student and Choctaw County has 3.4 students per computer.

Secretary/Treasurer Sylvia Moreland gave reading of the minutes. Prentiss Irving moved they be accepted as read, Marion Smith 2nd.

Recognition of eldest alumni man present was Banks Weaver and eldest woman was Louise Staples.

Alumni traveling farthest were Jim and Karon Covington from California and Warren Wood from also from California.

Ones in attendance were form Louisiana, Ohio, California, Georgia, Texas, Tennessee, Alabama, Virginia, North Carolina and Mississippi.

Loss of members present last year was mentioned at the time and others were mentioned.

Roll call of class and number present at this time:

1928 -  1
1931 -  2
1932 -  2
1934 -  2
1935 -  1
1936 -  4
1937 -  2
1938 -  3
1939 -  3
1940 -  2
1942 -  2
1943 -  4
1944 -  3
1945 -  2
1946 -  4
1947 -  6
1948 -  9
1949 - 10
1950 -  6
1951 - 10
1952 -  7
1953 - 25
1954 - 12
1955 -  7
1956 -  9
1957 -  6
1958 -  6
1959 -  4
1960 -  2
1961 -  5
1962 -  3
1964 -  1
1965 -  3
1967 -  2
1969 -  1
1971 -  2
1973 -  1
1976 -  1
1980 -  1
1989 -  1

Class of 1953 had highest attendance with 25 present in auditorium. They will be recognized with engraving on the plaque.

Classes having reunion this weekend were recognized: 1944 - Tiak-O-Khata, 1948 - Pap's, 1950 - Fentress, 1951 - Marion Kelly home, 1953 - Glendal Reid Camp House, 1954 - Candlewick Inn, 1956 - Pap's.

Door prizes were drawn and given.

Marion called upon teachers present to stand and be recognized. 15 were in attendance.

The financial report was given by Treasurer Sylvia Moreland reporting $502.20 brought forward on April 2000, expenditures for 2000 of #333.54 leaving a balance of $759.66 and all expenses paid.

Patty Draper came forward to give announcements on Preserve Choctaw County History, Community Partners and Dawg Days of Summer Festival.

The group went into business session at this time and the Trophy Case for the Complex was discussed. Member pledged funds to secure a trophy case for Ackerman School. Marion Smith moved to keep ample funds to cover reunion expense and use balance for case if need be. Harold Stephenson seconded and the motion carried.

President Marion Kelly informed the group that Vice President Bobby Black had agreed to fill presidency for 2002 and moved Bobby become new president. Marion Smith seconded and the motion carried.

The meeting was then turned over to Bobby Black. Bobby opened the floor for nomination for Vice President. Jim Covington nominated himself. Billy Fulgham nominated Charles Montgomery. Curtiss Guess moved nomination cease. Prentiss Irving seconded. A vote as taken and Jim Covington was elected Vice President for 2002. Bobby declared floor open for Secretary/Treasurer. Marion Smith moved Sylvia Moreland retain position. Prentiss Irving seconded and the motion carried.

Officers of 2002: President - Bobby Black, Vice President - Jim Covington, Secretary/Treasurer - Sylvia Moreland.

Bobby appointed two committees for 2002 to help with the Reunion:

Reunion Planning Committee - Jim Covington, Marion Smith, Hazel Hunt, Martha Stark, Charlotte Reid.

Publicity Committee - Ruth Nowlin, Nita Busby. All these were previously contacted and agreed to serve on the committees.

There being no other business, Bobby asked for a motion for meeting to adjourn. Prentiss Irving made the motion and Marion Smith seconded.

Meeting adjourned at 3:15 p.m.

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