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Mark you calendars for Saturday, April 25, 2020, 2:00 p.m., and join us for the next Ackerman School Reunion. We will meet at the Ty Cobb complex on the Choctaw County High School Campus (formerly AHS campus). Registration opens at 12 noon.

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2000 Reunion

A beautiful, perfect day and 244 + happy people could be seen at Ackerman High School Saturday, April 29, 2000.

Alumni from 13 states made special efforts to attend the reunion. Happy faces from Arkansas, Alabama, California, Georgia, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and - of course - Mississippi said they would not miss this reunion for anything.

Registration began at 1 PM with Alumni President Carlton "Bo" Reid calling the meeting to order at 2 PM and opening with prayer given by Rev. Curtis Guess.

Bo addressed the group with several comments and introduced Ronnie Ware, Principal of Ackerman High School. Ronnie Welcomed the alumni to the campus, gave accounts on Quality Education at Ackerman, success of Ackerman graduates and status of school construction.

Bo then called upon Secretary - Treasurer Sylvia Moreland to give reading of minutes. Minutes were read and approved as read. At this time roll call by grades was made with class of 1928 being oldest class present and class of 1979 youngest present. The class of 1949 had highest attendance of 17 and class of 1953 2nd highest with 14. Sylvia then presented the plaque to the class of 1949 to be engraved with their grade and placed at the school. Each year the class with the highest attendance will have their name engraved on a plate for the plaque.

The 2000 Ackerman Reunion Roll Call:

1928 -  1
1932 -  1
1934 -  2
1935 -  2
1936 -  3
1937 -  1
1938 -  5
1939 -  4
1940 -  6
1941 -  1
1942 -  4
1943 -  4
1944 -  7
1945 -  4
1946 -  6
1947 -  6
1948 - 11
1949 - 17
1950 - 12
1952 - 10
1953 - 14
1954 -  9
1955 -  4
1956 -  4
1957 -  7
1958 -  3
1959 -  3
1960 -  3
1961 -  4
1962 -  2
1967 -  1
1971 -  2
1973 -  1
1978 -  1
1979 -  1
Recognition was given to member traveling greatest distance and for the second year in a row Parhnell Prewitt of Coas Bay, Oregon, traveling over 2500 miles received the award. Eldest member present was recognized as Banks Weaver of Ackerman and Mrs. Ella Staples was eldest lady present.

Attendance for the day was 244 people with 180 alumni registering and 64 spouse, guest and teachers. As registered; Out of state - 62, Ackerman - 81, Mississippi - 101, and out of town - 163.

Door prizes donated by Ackerman merchants were drawn at this time.

Financial report was submitted by Treasurer Sylvia Moreland and all collections and expenditures were accounted for. Expenditures items were given; postage, envelopes, paper, labels, janitor and plaque. Balance on hand 4-29-00 is $502.20.

Bo recognized the different classes that were having their reunion on this date also; Class of 1940 - Lake Tiak-O-Khata, Class of 1944 - Lake Tiak-O-Khata, Class of 1948 - AHS library, Class of 1949 - Bobby and Mary Lou Cooper, Class of 1950 - Lyndal Chambers, Class of 1951 - Marion Kelley, Class of 1954 - Candlewick Inn.

Bo then recognized Patty Draper of Choctaw County Extension Service. Patty told of the County Dawg Days of Summer Festival to be held August 11 and 12 and encouraged all to attend. The group was asked to share items of display dating back to the 1970's and do not miss this yearly fun event held down town Ackerman.

Choctaw County Genealogy Web site information was made available by Johnnie Bouch of West Milton, Ohio. Johnnie, a native of Ackerman, wanted to encourage Choctaw Countians to know what's available on line and log on website and discover your roots. Information will also be placed in the Choctaw County Library.

An overview of development in Choctaw County was made by Bo Reid. He discussed the market for flyash generated at the Red Hill site. Land restoration to land owners, development plan over 5 year period of 1 billion dollars invested in Choctaw County and of new companies locating in this county. Bo discussed industrial tour by school bus to lignite plant, also tour of school complex under construction, which has been arranged for those interested after the meeting adjourns.

At this time the business of electing officers for 2000 was opened by outgoing President Bo Reid. Bo reported that Vice President Marion Kelley consented to stepping up to President. There being no other motion from the floor, Marion Kelley was elected President for 2001. Felt Montgomery was nominated by Mary Jo and Bobby Black nominated by Clarence Jackson to Vice President. A count was taken of alumni voting and Bobby Black was elected Vice President for 2001. Nominations opened for Secretary - Treasurer and there was a unanimous decision to re-elect Sylvia Moreland for another year.

Officers for 2001: Marion Kelley, President; Bobby Black - Vice President; and Sylvia Moreland - Secretary - Treasurer.

Bo's closing remarks were made and at this time he asked the group to consider or think about how the funds should be spent from alumni donations. The question was raised if the alumni would be interested in securing a trophy case to be placed in the new complex with an engraved plate recognizing Ackerman alumni. Alumni were then encouraged to think about additional projects and mail their suggestions in.

At this time podium was turned over to Marion Kelley. Marion discussed plans for the 2001 alumni meeting to be held in the new complex. Floor opened for discussion. Majority was not in favor of entertainment program. Discussion was opened for refreshments to be available with drinks and finger foods by Fredna Dent. There were no volunteers for chairman of this project. Majorie K. Anderson moved we have soft drinks only. Clyde Thomas McGee gave second and motion carried. School Principal Ronnie Ware stated he would have drinks and cookies on hand for this occasion next year.

There being no other business Marion asked for motion of adjournment. Motion to adjourn as made by Clarence Jackson to adjourn at 3:15 for tours and visiting.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sylvia P. Moreland

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